Laser Wolf is an Israeli grill, a pillar of Israeli life and known in Hebrew as a "shipudiya" or "skewer house". The kitchen is led by executive chef Andrew Henshaw, a longtime culinary collaborator with co-owners Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook. Andrew has spent many years mastering the flavors and techniques of Israeli cuisine at Zahav, most recently as Chef de Cuisine. Named after "Lazar Wolf", the butcher in the iconic Jewish musical Fiddler on the Roof, the center of Laser Wolf's universe is the charcoal grill, an ancient and pure cooking style that intensifies the flavor of its subjects.

Open for Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday, 4 - 9:30pm

location 1301 N Howard St. (corner of Howard & Thompson)
tel.(267) 499 4660
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instagram @laserwolf_philly


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